God Centered Prayer

Read Matthew 6:9-13

In today’s reading, the Lord gave us a pattern for prayer.  The focus of our prayer is to be God and our relationship with Him.  God centered prayer reminds us that:

1)      God is our Heavenly Father

2)      God has authority over all.

3)      Our hearts should be yielded to Him.

4)      He is our provider.

5)      God forgives our transgressions, and likewise, we should forgive others.

6)      God is our protector and shield.

7)      God is worthy of our praise and devotion.

Christ’s prayer also gives us a pattern to live our life by each day. We should be:

1)      Focused on God – in every detail and area of our life.

2)      Devoted to God – committed to and obedient to Him.

3)      Always aware of and with recognition of who our sovereign God is.

God centered prayer and living encourages us to know Him more fully, and serve Him with greater commitment.  This gives God the opportunity to use our lives to the maximum of our potential – ‘For His Good and His Glory’.  This type of living should be every believer’s goal.

The question is, is it yours?



What would God have us do this year?

Each New Year provides an opportunity to begin again.  So how are you investing your life?


Who is God?

This is one of the most important questions you will ever face.  So how would you answer? 


Does God Really Love You?

This question is often a barrier to having a close relationship with God.  So what do you think? 

Prayer should not be optional! 

This is the primary means God uses to grow our relationship!


Does God have your heart?

After salvation, this is the acid test of your relationship with Him and His pathway to life at its very best!


Do you recognize God when He speaks?

Do you want to know for sure when God is speaking to you? 


God has a specific purpose for your life!

Do you know what it is?